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Exhaust System Repair
Lydell Motors specializes in exhaust system repair.

With the overwhelming importance of the engine and transmission, exhaust systems often get overlooked in the way of routine maintenance and troubleshooting.  Exhaust systems typically consist of a muffler, a catalytic converter, a cylinder head or exhaust manifold, and possibly a turbocharger. These parts work together to help your import vehicle running at peak efficiency and optimal performance.

The muffler works with exhaust to make it noticeably decrease noise caused by exhaust release, while also relating to performance and power output. A catalytic converter is crucial in the reduction of exhaust emissions in your import. Most vehicles come standard with catalytic converters, but states or regions that don’t have smog or emission laws may not require them

The exhaust manifold collects the exhaust fumes from multiple cylinders and filters it through a single pipe. This is another component of the exhaust system that affects system efficiency. Turbochargers are usually optional gas compressors that increase engine-entering air density to create additional power for your import.

A notable symptom of exhaust issues (and possibly engine issues) is black smoke emitted from the tailpipe. If you notice any symptoms of a suspected exhaust system issue, call Lydell Motors at 203-288-9015 to make an appointment.






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