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Electrical System Repair
Lydell Motors specializes in electrical system repair.

Whether your car won’t start, your battery won’t charge, you have indicator light issues or
your headlights or taillights are acting up, Lydell Motors in North Haven, CT is here to help.

Car batteries are a frequent electrical culprit for car problems. Batteries, like any electric device, can fail at any time, even when they’re brand new. Optimally, a car battery should have
a 13.5-volt output. Even if it is a 12-volt car battery, an actual 12-volt output is not a good
sign.  Import Car Center can check the functionality, connections, and cleanliness of your

Alternator problems can start with something as minute as a dim headlight or a flickering indicator light. The mechanical
makeup of an alternator is relatively simple, but an alternator failing to function can result in the failure of other
important car components. Not only can a faulty alternator lead to the failure of your car’s accessories, but also a lack of battery charge or the necessary power to start your car in the first place.

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