Scheduled Maintenance

Lydell Motors specializes in maintenance of your import.

Whether your import is a flamboyant head-turner or an average daily driver, weekly scheduled maintenance, along with required repair, is absolutely critical to the longevity of your vehicle.

If you buy a car new or with low mileage, you will probably need to replace the tires at least once before you part ways with it. While the tire tread level can be revealing in the way of a replacement, tread patterns are also important. Lydell Motors has more information on how to check the tell-tale signs of different levels of tire tread.

For obvious reasons, transmissions and engines also benefit from scheduled maintenance. Regular oil changes, along with other repairs and check-ups, can prevent catastrophic breakdowns in your import’s transmission or engine systems.

Regular maintenance typically only costs a couple hundred dollars, but a damaged engine or transmission can cost you thousands. Another major necessary repair with many cars is the replacement of the timing belt about mid-way through the life of the car.

For routine routine maintenance on your import car, call us today for a free estimate!

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