North Haven Transmission Repair

Lydell Motors specializes in transmission repair.

Classified as either manual or automatic, a car’s transmission is typically described as the drive train; including the gearbox, clutch, or drive shafts. Potentially extremely costly to repair, it is important to provide your transmission with proper maintenance.

Without timely maintenance to your transmission, you could experience one of many issues. If you notice any peculiar noises in between the shifting of your gears or it’s taking an abnormally long time to shift gears, you may be experiencing “slipping,” a possible sign of the early-to-mid stages of transmission failure.

Fluid leakage can also result in transmission failure. Take notice of your driveway or a parking lot after your vehicle has been parked there for a small period of time. If you notice any fluid on the ground, it could signal a leak. Any leaks can result in extensive friction, and will almost always destroy a transmission.

The check engine light can also refer to transmission issues. Transmission issues are urgent, so call Lydell Motors, as soon as possible.

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