Engine Oil Sludge on 1999-2007 Volvo Automotive Engines

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on engine oil sludge on various 1999-2007 Volvo automotive engines. Engine oil sludge contamination has been reported on various automotive engines and complete engine replacements have occurred on numerous occasions. Volvo has offered information on a less costly repair cleaning attempt depending on the severity of this sludge condition.

Volvo states: It may be required to perform such cleaning if the engine has been contaminated due to the use of engine oil additives, use of engine oils that do not meet the manufacture's requirements, or not following the manufacturer'srecommended oil change intervals. Any engine related damage caused by the conditions stated is not considered warrantable. One or more of the following conditions could cause the engine oil to thicken and leave deposits in the engine:

  1. Wrong oil grade, quality and/or viscosity
  2. Cars driven too many miles between oil changes
  3. Cars frequently driven short distances with many cold starts
  4. Excessive idling
  5. Fuels of low quality and/or with high alcohol content
  6. Additives added to oil or fuel
  7. High ambient temperature
  8. High air humidity.

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